Spiritual Fitness


I have struggled with some previous mean girl bully things and it's been imperative that I maintain a relationship with a higher power, God, or whoever you choose to call the bigger powers that go on in our lives.  This is an open line of communication that goes on between myself and God!  He ALWAYS hears me and answers my prayers.  Sometimes the answer is I don't get to know right now...sometimes it's I don't get to know for a while (to later learn why I went through that trial or tribulation) and sometimes it's I never get to know...but I know He has a plan and I enjoy speaking with Him about my life.


This one can be slightly or extremely different for everyone.  It's kind of difficult for me at times to slow down and listen.  I believe prayer is speaking with God and mediation is listening to God.  It's something I try to do daily and the way I prefer to do it is late at night, when everyone else is in bed, I turn on meditation music, slow down and just be.  I then like to journal afterwards, if I haven't fallen asleep :)

Think Possitively!

What you put out is what you get back!  It's a challenge I work with daily but get to have the ability to look for the positive and when my perception is right, I see the miracles and blessings everywhere I look!  My thoughts become my words, my words become my actions and my actions become my character.