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Useful tips, tricks and fun for staying healthy & happy.  Healthy Lifestyle=Healthy You.

Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy You

Miss Teen Idaho International 2017

Healthy lifestyle, Healthy you is my chosen lifestyle.  I will share tips, tricks and fun ways to stay fit and healthy in order to prevent diseases, cancer, and other health related issues.  I want YOU to be the best version of YOU!


Journey to the Crown

My Journey to the Crown shot for Miss Teen International.  It gives you a glimpse into my life                                                             of how I choose to be healthy.  Enjoy!

Foods That Fuel

Click here to see what type of foods a vegetarian and lactose intolerant person can eat.  Trust me, it's yummy!

Fit, Strong and Fun Activities

Let me show you ways to stay fit, stay strong and stay healthy!

Spiritual Fitness

Be mindful!


Thank you to everyone who has helped me on my journey!


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